Sunday, December 31, 2006


The Dōngzhì Festival or Winter Solstice Festival (Chinese: 冬至; Pinyin: dōng zhì; "The Extreme of Winter") is one of the most important festivals celebrated by the Chinese and other East Asians during the Dongzhi solar term on or around December 21 when sunshine is weakest and daylight shortest; i.e., on the first day of the Dongzhi solar term

The origins of this festival can be traced back to the Yin and Yang philosophy of balance and harmony in the cosmos. After this celebration, there will be days with longer daylight hours and therefore an increase in positive energy flowing in. The philosophical significance of this is symbolized by the I Ching hexagram (復, "Returning").

Traditionally, the Dongzhi Festival is also a time for the family to get together. One activity that occurs during these get togethers (especially in the southern parts of China and in Chinese communities overseas) is the making and eating of Tangyuan (湯圓, Cantonese jyutping: tong1 jyun2; Mandarin Pinyin: Tāng Yuán) or balls of glutinuous rice, which symbolize reunion. Tangyuan are made of glutinuous rice flour and sometimes brightly coloured. Each family member receives at least one large Tang Yuan in addition to several small ones. The flour balls may be plain or stuffed. They are cooked in a sweet soup or savoury broth with both the ball and the soup/broth served in one bowl.

In northern China, people typically eat dumplings on Dongzhi. It is said to have originated from Zhang Zhongjing in the Han Dynasty. On one cold winter day, he saw the poor suffering from chilblains on their ears. Feeling sympathetic, he ordered his apprentices to make dumplings with lamb and other ingredients, and distribute them among the poor to keep them warm, to keep their ears from getting chilblains. Since the dumplings were shaped like ears, Zhang named the dish "qǜ hán jiāo ěr tāng" or dumpling soup that expels the cold. From that time on, it has been a tradition to eat dumplings on the day of Dongzhi. (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

After understanding the actual meaning of Dongzhi celebration from Wiki (my beloved 2nd mother), I have decided to prepare 1kg of tangyuen with the assistance of my children and hubby with 5 attractive colours, at 1/2 tsp each, taking us almost 3 hours to complete the whole process from flour mixing, moulding, boiling and serving. What a happy night to have my family members in the kitchen till 12.30midnite, preparing all these cuties for our god (prayers), us and friends. Happy Dongzi Festival on 23/12/2006.

The slow and steady formation of
this little balls being mould for the festival
Colourful and yummy tang yuan ready to be mixed with syrup

This is specially for prayers
And this yummy is for us. Keep some in the fridge for tomorrow and it will be
more like sweet-cold dessert

Saturday, December 30, 2006


This is another version of rojak in Penang, Look at the plate of seafood and fried items generously coated with a special indian rojak sauce. I like to see this Indian Guy at work. He is so joyful and enjoying his work at the busy Gruney Drive Hawker's Paradise dancing away to the rhythm of his same song. Crazy, I stop to buy his performance first and next his rojak. Trust me..... support him. Tell him that you want to snap a pic and he will even perform better with his slow motion of sausage cutting, eye-brow expressions and dancing-to-pour-kuah. Ha.. ha.. I will sure to visit him again! Forget to snap the food, cos' he is too entertaining. Sucess Adik Rojak.

Friday, December 29, 2006


This is the best rojak that I like, with thick shrimp paste aromatic fragrant and of course with a splash of goundnuts and a little chilly paste. Mixed them well with these fresh fruits and will be satisfied at least to taste the original Penang Rojak.

This is the stall that serves the best rojak with some bunch of artificial (looks real) mangos hanging at her stall. So tempting! See Below Pic.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Yeah.. Yeah.. remember I was mentioning Restoran Yook Tho Yin (PJ)'s roasted duck which I have rated as No 1 at PJ, reference my dish' Braised Kay Choy with Roasted Duck". Today, I am just hungry and feel like filling up my hungry stomach (skip lunch) with roasted duck. Aha!
this is the one, we rushed to 'tapau' 1 bird of freshly roasted duck with 'char siew' and 'tai cheong'. Real yummy, trust me... and everyone is so fast in setting up the dining table and unpacking .

Hmmm... it's smell so great from here... really bagus and juicy at only RM38.00 per duck.

And.... this is the exterior of the said Restaurant at the busy area of
Damansara Utama, next to Satay A1 shop
The interior at about 6.45pm for the early birds like us.

This is the lady-boss who has been managing her business attentively.
See.. the juice from the duck drip..dripppp to a container specially handled by
the hardworking future boss (owner's son) after Uni hours.

Really can't resist the blocks of roasted pork, smiling at me.
Too bad, we did not order today! Try this... tapau home and eat with
your Wan Tan Noodles.. real crunchy and tasty.

More... up there parading saying hello to me...

The roasted duck will be finished within a little while....
so catch them fast!
Do not be fickle minded..


A Restaurant specializing in wide varieties of tantalizingchinese cuisine serving you for wedding, anniversary, family gathering, chinese new year gathering and all kinds of functions. Besides, they also cater for famous raosted duck, roated pork, char siew, giant-sized dumplings and mooncakes. Restaurant
is situated at Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Food Taste : *Normal *Good *Very Good

MienTien Food Court a Roasted Duck at Taman Megah @ RM38 per duck
KK Roasted Duck along the roadside to Yuk Chai School @ RM28 per duck
Fatty Duck @ Stewed Duck at SS2, HolTong Coffee Shop @ RM30 per duck

Bread Home Made

Just don't feel like going out for dinner nor buy take-away food. Me and my son decided to bake a bread with the latest recipe from 'Baking Made Easy" by Agnes Chang with added custard powder to high protein flour and it turn out to be quite soft. Just apply some butter + sugar and kaya to it... emmmm quite nice and we have filled up the column of dinner menu. Will try with some dry curry chicken filling the next baking!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


In PJ, along the road to Section 19, towards left is Jalan SS2/24, where Restaurant Korea House just open for business this month. You can see the red sign board from far and will be greeted by the Korean Waiters, waiting at the entrance to introduce you their menu before you are really confident to step into the Restaurant, of course with the prices and food pictures. You will also be greeted by the super-low bow by the 'Taukeh and Taukeh Soh" both Koreans. In the kitchen, they produce Korean chefs as well. So is it authentic or otherwise. The Restaurant is almsot full by 7.25pm and Waiters seems to be ushering more customers to the upstairs section.

These small portion of kimchi, fishpaste, anchovies, beansprouts,
spinach, salad and many others line-up and crowded our table.

Not tempting but a typical starter for Korean food
Plates of assorted starters neatly served on white porcelain-ware

This is Bibim-Bab @ RM15.00 which consists of rice, assorted vege, egg stripes and omellette
We order Deji-Galbi @ RM28.00 and Samgypsal @RM25.00
The Waiter BBQ the ribs patiently, trim them into bite-size and serve us. What a good customer service!

Samge Tang @ RM28.00 taste milky/creamy as though as some light paste has been
added to it. I guess it could be gimgko paste. We finished the soup and left the chicken untouched.
I still prefer our herbal soup, well.. this is Korean Soup, Madam.

Restaurant Korea House
185, Jalan SS2/24, Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

An authentic Korean food unlike those at Centre Point and Amcorp Mall.
Food taste : *Normal *Good *Very Good
Tax : 5% GT and 5% SC

Saturday, December 9, 2006


'Swin Lat Choy" is the cantonese version of this dish while the hokkien called it 'Chay Boey, Kong Chai or Sui Luak Chai". It is not easily available in KL or PJ except at the Duck Rice or Economy Rice Stall. You can find them more diluted and with more chick or duck legs with neck and whatever (probably left-overs from the duck/chic sellers or from restaurant operators). Well, if you are hungry for it, just order and slurrrrp with your favourite meal.

Well, this is quite easy to cook and you can just do it in a while and let it boil for 45 minutes and it is ready for the whole family. It can be kept till the next day and it will be nice with porridge or nice. Just try if you have leftovers when you buy a whole duck at RM38.00 from MienTien at Taman Megah or York Thou Yin Restaurant at Damansara Utama or RM28.00 from KK Duck by the roadside to Yuk Chai School. I recommend you the York Thou Yin's because it tastes real roasted duck.

5 star
York Thou Yin Restaurant Roasted Duck at DU @ RM38 per duck
4 star
MienTien Food Court a Roasted Duck at Taman Megah @ RM38 per duck
3.5 star KK Roasted Duck along the roadside to Yuk Chai School @ RM28 per duck
4 star Fatty Duck @ Stewed Duck at SS2, HolTong Coffee Shop @ RM30 per duck

Beancurd with Leek and Prawns

4 pieces of soft beancurd, cut into 6 pieces each
10 nos of prawns, shelled and deveined
1 large stalk of leek, washed, cut into slant slices
Some chicken meat, cut into cubes
1 cup of chicken stock
3 whole peeled garlic
3 red onions, sliced finely

Cooking Method
Heat wok, fry beancurd till golden brown, strained oil and set aside
Saute garlic and onion till fragrant, then add in prawns, chicken meat and stir fry for a while.
Add in leek, pepper, chicken granules and stir-fry quickly.
Put in the fried beancurd, mixed well with other ingredients and add in chicken stock.
Let it simmer for 2 minutes, dish out and serve hot.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Curry Beef MADRAS

This is a quick 1/2 hour cooking of Curry Madras

Ingredients A
500gm of beef, cut into large chunks
1 carrot cut into slant pieces
2 boiled potatoes cut into 4 pcs each
1 stalk of curry leaves
1/2 inch of cinammon stick
Salt, sugar & chicken granules
1/2 cup of water

Ingedients B
2 teaspoon minced garlic
3 teaspoon minced shallots
1 teaspoon minced ginger
1 stalk of bruised lemon grass
3 tablespoons of meat curry powder
1 tablespoon of chilli powder
1 teaspoon of tumeric powder
(Pour all ingredients in a bowl and mix well)

Heat wok with oil.
Add in Ingredients B
Saute till fragrant
Add in 1/2 of cinammon stick
Add in lemon grass and curry leaves
Add in meat and fry for a while.
Add in 1/2 cup of plain water, let is simmer a little
Add in 1 can of plain youghurt and add in boiled potato and mixed well.
Add salt, sugar and chicken granules.
Let is simmer again for another 20 minutes under low heat.
Dish out and serve with plain rice.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Just wonder why this maggi mee is handsomely sitting here. I just felt dissatisfied with this RM9.30++ maggi mee named "Hou Mei Noodle Speciality" served at HOU MEI at Genting Highlands, First World Plaza where you have to que to get a table seating by the serious and without smile crew. I cannot blame them cos' ( you wanna eat, you come, you dun wanna, never mind) they operate 24 hours and always pack with customers. The taste is all about a mixture of various type of soy sauce, top with 3 pieces of steamed chicken, a fried egg and garnised with some spring onions. Trust me.. no kidding... my scout son can also prepare this. What is Hou Mei and what is Noodle Speciality?

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Kuih Chai

Chai Kuih is my favourite kuih. I can buy them from SS Pasar Malam and I do not like the filling whee the turnip is tasteless and dry. No choice as saliva is dripping, buy 6. eat and be satisfied.Gradually, I learn to make 'Chai Kuih' after numerous recipe analysis. Some turn out differently while some turn out to be good. These are the Chai Kuih that I have made for my family for breakfast. Recipes on the way...

Saturday, December 2, 2006


A Batter400gm flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp milk powder
900ml pandan extract from 6 pandan leaves
1/2 tsp salt
1 drop of green colouring
1 no egg

Coconut filling
1 young grated coconut
2 medium pieces of gula melaka, break them into pieces
1 cup of water
Mixed all ingredients, cook on slow fire, stir occasionally till almost dry. Set aside and let it cool.

Mixed all A ingredients together to foam a smooth batter.
Set aside for 10 minutes
Heat up non-stick pan
Brush a little oil to pan
Scoop a medium ladle of batter to pan and move pan to form a round crepe.
When the crepe curls up at ends, remove crepe and set aside to cool.

To make kuih ketayap
Scoop 1 full teaspoon of coconut filling to 1 piece of crepe.
Wrap and roll up the neatly

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