Saturday, July 26, 2008

Are You DrinkingThe Right Tea?

This is the Question that many tea drinkers used to wonder, right? I am one of them. One says this and another said that! Ooops, which is correst? Trust me, tape every conversation with everyone about tea knowledge and you will get different opinions from everyone. Well, who is right or wrong, it does not a matter. The most important thing is eat it right. I have got this research from the internet where expert(s) says :

1. People who use their 'brain' to work or students who study hard day and night.
--- Should drink more Chrysanthemum Tea.

2. People who need a lot of body energy to work or those people who exercise a lot everyday.
--- Should drink Wu Loong Tea.

3. People who travel on a bike or work in dirty and polluted places.
--- Should drink Green Tea.

4. For people who like to sit down all day long and not do anything, even exercising
--- Must drink Green Tea and Flower Tea.

5. People who smoke and drink a lot of alcoholic drinks.
--- Should drink more Green Tea.

6. Carnivore (i.e. People who must eat meat at least once a day, or feel sickly)
--- Try to drink some Wu Loong Tea.

7. People who go to the washroom too often or not often enough.
--- Should drink more Honey Tea

8. People with high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
--- Wu Loong Tea, Green Tea.

9. Those who work with computers everyday.
--- Need to drink a Lot of Tea (any tea will do).

Whenever you are working with the computer, you should make some tea; drink it when you are free. Drinking Tea is healthy, it can protect and prevent the harmful Ultraviolet light from harming us (when using computer). Furthermore, it can also relief us when we are tired and help make our body feel fresh again.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why a vegetarian diet may leave a man less fertile

Sharing More info here
Sources : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

Monday, July 21, 2008

Steak & Chops at 99 Steak House TTDI

When I am running out of ideas of what to cook for my family, I would ask them what are their choice of food. Usually, they looked 'blank' on their faces. So what to do? There must be someone to suggest and hopefully it is accepted by others. Usually, it will ended up compromosing or the winner enjoys more. This time it's me who suggested steak, then off to Pasar Malam (night market) for a walk. I am hungry for Lamb Chops....... slurppppppp....

Here we went to 99 Steak & Chops at Taman Tun Dr Ismail where the tagline quotes : Now Everyone Can Eat". What a clever slogan after Air Asia's "Everyone Can Fly".


Fish & Chips at RM12.90 with 2 large size of fish, fries and coleslaw. Value for money from the portion and price.


Minute Steak @ RM15.90 with lots of gravy and vege + mushroom garnish. Meat just good with lots of western sauce


Calamari rings @RM8.90 was nicely fried and served. The taste was just common as this was just to satisfy our eating-urge as calamari (sotong).


Lamb Chops @ RM15.90 with good combination as expected for the price. Lamb just nicely done with the tasty sauce.


Mango Longan at RM4.90 each with Mango puree and canned longan for your bites.

This restaurant is owned by Ultimate Farm Sdn Bhd located at TTDI, next to Santai Restaurant and behind KFC shop houses. At around 6.30pm, the restaurant was almost 8 tables full with most family group customers. With a seating capacity of about 55 pax per seating, this restaurant's order and serving time is pretty fast. You don't have to wait that long to complete your dinner schedule. Next, to Pasar Malam for durians, fruits, vege and whatever.

Recommended for normal dinner and get-to-gather when you do not call for high budget. I think the taste is better that 1 Station Cafe at NZX.

99 Steak House & Chops

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant @ Section 13, PJ


When you dine at Ah Yat Abalone, you can choose to taste the abalone or other delicious chinese cuisine.


Seating capacity of about 45 tables of 10 pax is an ideal place for wedding function and family lunch and dinner.


You will be served by a section waiter and the 10% SC will be printed in your bill. Should be more demanding in asking them to change plates more often!




The following are dim sum that you can order if you are still not full or enough to feed yourselves. Quite big size dimsum with lots of prawns and meat. Real good. Price slash of 50% on Saturday and 30% on Sundays.








Price ranging from RM7.50 upwards and you pay only RM4.40 per basket. Starters at RM3.00 each x 2 small portions. Free flow of chinese tea at RM2.00 per head. Service charge of 10% and 5% Govt Tax. Total bill for 5 persons is RM204.40. Worth it or not? Try youself! Once in a while, let someone treat you with this chinese authenthic cusines. Thanks to my FSIL. As a warm up, now we enjoy Dimsum and nice cuisine, next time, abalone!

Lot9B, Jalan Kemajuan
Section 13, 46200 PJ
Tel: 7960-4988/4288
Fax : 7960 4788

(all the fatt fatt numbers, no wonder he fatt tatt already, believe it, numbers feng shui)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Goodness of Inoki Mushroom

Inoki Mushroom Prevents Cancer. It is also known asVelvet Shank Mushrooms.


Golden-needle-mushroom (Jin-Gen-Goo) successfully kills 95% of cancer cells ( Taiwan Report) (Hokkien KIM CHIAM KOR)

Research done by Singapore University shows that eating this mushroom can destroy 95% of cancer cells in our body by boosting our immune system.

Professor Phan Hwai Chong of Yang Ming Research Centre in
Taiwan told reporters that when you consume this kind of mushroom, one of the ingredients in the mushroom can trigger the multiplication of our healthy 'defensive' cells. By out-numbering the cancers cells, healthy cells help eradicate cancer cells.

American scientists have since ran tests on this particular type of mushroom extract with blood, done outside human body. Results show that mushroom extract is able to destroy cancer cells.
According to
the Taiwan professor, since healthy 'fighting' cells can be multiplied to tens and thousands of times, it can either be used as drip or just by eating the mushroom.

The mushroom is most frequently taken with steam boat.
Cooking time should be less than 3 minutes, or the healing property would be greatly diminished.

Normal eating for Health:-
Preparation, uses, and tips

Before using enoki mushrooms, rinse them thoroughly and trim off the roots. Enoki mushrooms can be eaten raw or cooked..add them to salads, sandwiches, soups, pasta sauces, stir-fried rice and vegetable dishes. To retain the delicate flavour of the mushrooms, add them at the end of the cooking process.

Buying and storing tips

When purchasing fresh enoki mushrooms, select mushrooms with firm, white, shiny caps. Avoid purchasing enoki mushrooms with slimy or brownish stalks. Enoki mushrooms keep up to 14 days in the refrigerator if stored in a paper bag.
(you should try storing veggies or fruits in those aluminum foil bags that you throw away if you do buy Milo or quaker oats in packages type; it seems they can keep them longer and fresher; test to confirm??? Keep one end open and not seal it tight.) !


Most commercially available enoki mushrooms are the pale white cultivated variety.

Image Credit to msg150

Nutrition Highlights
Enoki mushroom (raw),
1 large (5g)
Calories: 1.7
Protein: 0.12g
Carbohydrate: 0.35g
Total Fat: 0.02g
Fiber: 0.13g

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