Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Thinking of having something nice and tasty at 1U and the ideas hit us to eat at TFI. We have to wait to be seated (the trend and formula of this restaurant as I can see there were seats available from far at 2.30pm). The usherers seated us at a corner area looking side to the kitchen where food came from that door. Light and easy staff lingering and wondering with their fashionable yet clown- fashion. After taken our order and drinks, the good looking waiter came and said, "no hot chocolate, madam... emm give me hot coffee then....ok. The waiter came back again, 'sori madam, no hot chocolate, what would you like to have? Hot coffee, please. Ok. Then the waiter came back, Madam we only have TEA. Okay, Tea pls. What a Restaurant with beverage knowledge? Any way, my tea arrive after some time!

This is the value meal set at RM39.90 plus 5% Govt Tax and 10%SC Fish not properly coated and fried. Can be seen the'lampekpek' fish texture that does not allow knife and fork use. Tastes oklah. Fish and Chips at RM39.90 + 5% Govt Tax and 10% SC

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Hot weather outside, lazy to go out, cook chicken porridge is the best decision and easiest with the use of my rice cooker. Just put the ingredients and condiments and your chicken porridge will be ready in 35 minutes. Really good with "choy yin kay' meat and soup. Try... try.. .real nice.

Friday, January 12, 2007


This restaurant is just located next to Lala Chong Restaurant which we dine a few weeks ago. We spotted this beautifully lighted restaurant where the Hostess invited us in but we have decided to dine at Lala Chong Rest. We were back as we have promised to patronise this Restaurant one day. We have lunch there and were the 1st group of customers who arrive at 11.45am and later groups of office and factories workers arrive at accomodate the air-cond hall. It is a kampung style set-up restaurant. Price reasonable and taste no comment. Bookmarked for next visit.

Night view of BB Thai Seafood
(Pic taken during Lala Chong's dinner)

Just wondering, why this fighting cock is in my makan blog. He greeted us at our table and we were so tempted to feed him with roasted nuts and he came nearer to pose for some snap-shots.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Have you ever wish to have a bowl of hot clear soup with mee sua cooked with fresh oysters, promfret, abalone, prawns, fish balls or fish cakes? Definitely, a steam of urge to eat them up, less worrying about fats and spicies. Visit this eatery along the shop houses just in front of Atria car park. Not well decorated or with bright neon signboard, this stall has been operating since the 90's when I was working at DJ. The boss (father) was there taking orders, boiling soup with customers' pick of seafood and communicating aloud to the other side of the cashier when customers settled their bills. Soon, the new boss (s0n) took over for a while and today, they are just sitting down to enjoy their meals while the heritage business is now handled by their foreign workers who are capable enough to prepare you this lovely meals. You will be hooked with the 'gian' once in a while. What a satisfying and healthy 'd r u g g e d' soup? But do not order too m u c h, the price could come up to be m u c h!

Monday, January 8, 2007


Having read about this Restaurant in the Eat-Out Column sometime ago, we drop by to taste the seafood as promoted in the Press. We were somewhere at Crimson Apartments next to Lembah Subang which is just nearby and went over to try the well known Lala delicacies. Food taste and presentation up to the standard of other hi-fi seafood restaruants in town. Only 5% Govt Tax. No regret with reasonable price and food taste + quality. (A lot like Kelana Seafood style)
Marmite Crab

Famous Lala at RM10.00 fresh and tasty

Stir Fry Kailan with Garlic @ RM8.00

Sweet & Sour Prawns at RM20.00

Kam Heong Crabs (21/2Nos) at RM40.00, fresh and delicious

This is the pond of fatty tilapia fish rear by the owner for customers meal

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