Saturday, November 17, 2007

Chicken Rice @ Restoran Choon Yien, Jalan 17/13, PJ Selangor

"You better order fast, or else the char siu( BBQ pork) and ayam (chicken), finish oar, a loud-voice man approached us and we were stunned with culture shock!

Huh! What a unpleasant approach from an order-taker. He made his own decision with the order and walked away. Suddenly, we felt that we were like in a snobbish city. Just felt uneasy but have to take it easy.

We wanted to try the famous beef noodles but later arrived at Restoran Choon Yien which is a corner Coffee Shop. I have read so much about this famous chicken rice, char siu and roast pork from fellow bloggers. Why not go for food survey? When we arrived it was lunch hour and the business was rather good with most office people already finished eating and were chatting there.

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The chicken rice and chilly sauces arrived first. The rice served were not as prettily set as in this picture. I have done a make-up to it for a photography session. The chilly sauce were served generously and it suited our taste-buds.
No soup served as highlighted by most bloggers.

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Char Siu (BBQ pork) tasted good, sweet with honey combination. The char siu were too fatty and my son enjoyed eating them. Many people do not prefer too fatty char siu.

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The roasted chicken tasted average but good with crispy skin. It came with garlic crisps and generous spring onions and coriander leaves which many chicken rice shop exercise cost savings on these veges. Do you notice that only Penang hawkers do add these garnish?

We were served about 10 minutes by the same man. He introduced himself as James. He was able to steal time (busy lunch time) to ask whether we were first-comers and offered his telephone contact and yet carefully double checking the correct number taken down by my daughter (he preferred to talk to my daughter instead of me, hs). "If you want to come, just call me and said KJ (Kelana Jaya as he asked where we were from) and I'll know. Just tell your portion of ayam, only".

As a common practice of kopitiam service, pay when food is serve, he said 'eat first lah, later pay' when I wanted to pay James. He speaks more Malay than English language and no Canto dialect heard.

When my daughter went over to the stall to pay him RM23.00, he exclaimed " if you want to tapau home, you can keep them for a month, cannot get rot". What a lansee (vain) promotional jargon!

When I asked whether he sells any roasted duck, he said "we don't
play duck here". Wtf, wth, uneasy with his english lah.

Look, still so many customers still patronized this coffee shop for it's Chicken Rice and Char Siu. What's more with the weird-ayam-captain on duty. If I go there again, I wonder whether he can recognise us or otherwise. Also, to see whether he still carries the same attitude. What men, talk about foodlah, talk about James only... rare experience encountered mah!

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Restoran Choon Yien,
CG-1, Happy Mansion Apartments
Jalan 17/13, Section 17
46400 Petaling Jaya
11 am to 1 pm
Mr. James - 016-2809043


  1. I havent tried this shop. Look like I got to check it out. The Siew Ypork at most of the Section 17 town are really good. :)

  2. Sam, There are lots of good food at S17. Nowadays at the area of Restoran Khasiat there are lots of coffee shop. Try this restaurant and see whether James-Ayam will know that you are 1st timer! Hehe


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