Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Co Do Vietnamese Restaurant@ Mid Valley, KL

When December comes, Kuala Lumpur is usually crowded with shoppers and at the same time with the school holidays on the beat, many like to visit big malls putting up expensive and beautifully decorated Christmas trees. The most popular one so far is Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur.

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See, almost everyone were fascinated with the beautiful deco. They were seen queing up to snap
nice shots with whatever camera they have. It's 4 pm and we were hungry for food. We were not interested to pose for photos but managed to get a quick shot on this pic. So, tea time at Co Do, OK?

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Co Do is a Vietnamese Restaurant at Mid Valley. Vermicelli Beef with plenty of snack food at RM35.00 meant for 2 pax is our first choice.

As for this serving, one could be confused what to eat first and next. The polite Mynamar Waiter served us by transferring the spring rolls and Chicken Meat Ball Sticks and Luncheon Meat onto 3 separate plates. He carefully served the vermicelli in a smaller bowl, then garnished them with shredded vege and cucumber. Next, he added some grounded peanuts, onion crisps and a scoop of diluted Vietnamese sweet and sour chilly sauce.

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He served us and the main snack foods were quite nice to eat with the sweet and sour soupy noodles. The tastes were authentic when you bite them with the basil leaves which is a must for Thai and Vietnam food. The leaves added flavour to your taste glands. Do you realize it? Eat more, grandmas said they are good for white blood cells.

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This spring rolls were not oily nor heavy as after we stuffed ourselves with these foods, we could still go for other light food at 7.0opm again.

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Hot Pot Beef at RM15.00 is ideal for lunch as it came with big portion of rice topped with lemon grass beef, salads of lettuce, star fruits and celeries. It tasted good and the food presentation is a little bit like the Japanese serving but of course both foods differ in taste. What secret ah?

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I like this Ham Meat Roll served with bean sprouts, garlic and onion crisps. When you dip the ham meat roll into the chilly sauce, you really got to eat the real taste of Vietnam food. I will eat this again, if I am a lone ranger at Mid Valley someday.

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The exterior of Co Do at Lot T-052, Level 3, Mid Valley, 59200 Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant is relatively small but they serve you with a "SMILE". Smiles will make your food taste better.

This is not a paid post. Just want to blog! Want to Blog!


  1. vietnamese food, i can't seems to find it in penang. i want to try vietname koay teow thng.

  2. Nicholas, you can get to eat the koay teow thng at Hot Mama Kitchen, very good loh



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