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Dessert Bubur Cha Cha / Pengat Recipe

Pengat is a popular Nyonya sweet broth, often regarded as a type of Bubur Cha Cha. It is particularly popular among the Penang Baba Nyonyas as the sweet broth to be taken on Chap Goh Meh, the 15th and final day of Chinese New Year.

What's the difference between pengat and bubur cha cha. If you ask different people, they will give you different definition of the two. In some recipes, you don't have black-eyed peas in pengat, which you do in bubur cha cha. But these are not hard and fast rule, so I would say, anything goes, according to your own desire. One thing I do observe is that you often add shaved ice to bubur cha cha, but you don't do that with pengat.

I adopted the culture of eating Pengat on Chap Goh Meh from my wife's family. Her mother, a Hokkien acculturated Teochew, makes a pretty mean Pengat which I enjoy very much. This being a dessert, it doesn't matter exactly how much of each ingredient you add to the broth (increase or decrease the ingredients roughly by the same ratio). You can similarly control the thickness of the coconut milk to your liking.

Kitchen scissors/knife
Big Wok
Tapioca Flour Jelly
100g tapioca flour
1-2 drops of pink food colouring

Sweet Pieces
100g Black-eye pea beans
100g yellow sweet potato
100g orange sweet potato
100g purple sweet potato
200g taro
3 bananas - preferably Pisang Raja

2-3 pandan leaves, split into two then tie into a knot
1000ml coconut milk (from one coconut)

Soak black-eye pea beans for minimum 4 hours or overnight. Cook with water just covering beans, checking water level once a while until beans fully cooked to desired doneness. Drain and put aside.
Boil water and add pink food colouring.
Pour hot water to tapioca flour in a bowl, stir with chopstick to form a translucent mass. Do not pour too much water into the flour as you need to knead to form a dough. Leave to cool a while or until your hand can handle the dough. If dough is too sticky, add more tapioca flour. If too dry, add more hot water, Knead until it is all combined and no lumps. Roll out into desired thickness and cut into desired size and shape. Sprinkle tapioca flour onto the cut pieces as they will stick together. Loosen them into separate pieces.
In a wok, boil some water then add the cut flour pieces. Shake off excess flour before putting the pieces into wok. Scoop out once the pieces float to the surface. immediately dunk the cooked pieces into cold water. Separate them if lump together. Leave cooked pieces inside water.
Skin and cut the potatoes and taro into diamond shapes. Arrange them in steaming tray. Steam until all are fully cooked. Once done, leave to cool.
Cut the banana slanting into 2cm slices.
Boil a bit of water in pot, sufficient to cover the banana slices. Add sugar and knotted pandan leaves. Once boiled, add the banana slices. Allow it to boil for about 5 minutes. Leave to cool.
Boil water in a big wok. Once water boil, add the cooked sweet potatoes, taro, tapioca flour pieces, banana, black-eyed peas. Add sugar, adjusting according to desired sweetness. Once it is boiling again, add the coconut milk. Stir and allow it to boil for just about a minute.
The pengat is ready to be served.
Thanks to :http://www.penang-traveltips.com/pengat.htm

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