Monday, November 27, 2006


If you are born in Penang and have tasted the food on your first bite, you will never forget the rest of the bite plus taste for the rest of your life. Just imagine, a 4 year old kid can still remember the black hay koh chee cheong fun where most KLnites said 'Yiak'. The 'sea ham' tastes good to Penangites but to KL friends, they felt scared to look at its flesh.
While holidaying in Penang, we will hunt for these famous hawkers' food. If you have more.... do share ok.

Assam Laksa
Kheng Pin coffeeshop, Jalan Penang/Jalan Sri Bahari junction (8am to 2pm)
Lorong Selamat (afternoon to evening)
Kek Seng Cafe 382-384 Penang Road (day)
Air Itam market center. Click >>>
Char Koay Kak
Coffeeshop, Macalister Lane, near Jalan Burma junction (morning)
Anson Road market (morning)
Char Koay Teow
Song River Cafe, Gurney Drive (night)
Lorong Selamat coffeeshop Click >>>
New World cafe @ Bawasah Road/Nagore Road junction (morning)
Roadside stall at Ah Quee Street/Penang Road junction (day). website
Padang Brown hawker complex (afternoon)
Chicken Rice
Coffeshop at Penang Road/Sri Bahari Road junction (afternoon)
Chinese PasemburPadang Brown hawker complex (afternoon)
Gurney Drive main hawker center (night)
Curry Mee
Lorong Seratus Tahun (morning)
Bee Hooi coffeshop, Pulau Tikus Lane/Burmah Road Junction (morning)
Coffeeshop in front of City Stadium, Datuk Keramat-Air Itam Road (morning)
Fish Head Beehoon
Sky Cafe, beneath Sky Hotel, Lebuh Chulia (night)
Golden Eagle Cafe, Jalan Burmah (morning)
Tho Yuen restuarant, Campbell Street (day)
Fried Oysters
Coffeeshop, Kimberley/Carnavon Street junction (2pm-5pm)
So Young Cafe, Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim (Batu Lancang) (night)
Hokkien Prawn Mee
Super Cafe, Rangoon Road.
Swee Kong coffeeshop, Jalan Burma/Moulmein Road junction (day)
Song River Cafe, Gurney Drive (night)
Classic Coffeeshop, Jalan Perak
Ice Kacang
Roadside stall, Swatow lane (afternoon)
Coffeeshop Lorong Selamat Click >>>
Kek Seng Cafe, 392-384 Penang Road (day)
Indian Mee
Larut Cafe, Jalan Larut/Bawasah Road junction of CRC fame (afternoon)
Coffeeshop, Clarks Street/Hutton Lane junction (6pm to 11 pm)
Mini hawker complex along Gurney Drive of Edgecumbe Road fame (from noon)I
Indian Pasembur
Gurney Drive main hawker center (afternoon to night)
Esplanade hawker center (evening)
Joo-Hoo Eng-Chai (Steamed Cuttlefish)
Song River Cafe, Gurney Drive (night)
Koay Teow Soup
Hai Onn restaurant, Burmah Road near Macalister Lane junction (morning)
Backlane between Lebuh Dickens and Jalan Hutton, near police HQ (morning)
Lor Bak
Kheng Pin coffeeshop, Jalan Penang/Jalan Sri Bahari junction (8am to 2pm)
Coffeeshop, Penang Road/Kampung Malabar junction (day)
Nasi Kandar
Line Clear, Penang Road/Chulia Street junction (morning till late night)
Merlin Hotel, Union Street/Penang Street junction (morning till 2pm)
Tamil Street (24hours) (first shop as you drive into the one-way street)
Kassim Mustafa two outlets - Chulia Street and Bayan Baru Market Lane (pushcart) 7pm to 3am - formerly at the immigration Department
Padang Brown hawker complex (afternoon)
Gurney Drive hawker center (night)
Roti Canai/MurtabakHameediah Restaurant, Lebuh Campbell (noon to night)
Small stall at Argyll Road opposite Odean cinema car park (morning)
Sar Hor Fun
Sky Cafe, beneath Sky Hotel, Lebuh Chulia (night)
Tho Yuen restaurant, Campbell Street (day)
Wantan Mee
Coffeeshop, Malacca Street/Anson Road market (morning)
Coffeeshop, Jalan Burma, opposite Lorong Selamat junction (night)

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