Thursday, August 16, 2007

Curry Salted Fish Chinese Style

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1 piece whole salted fish with bone, tail and head, cut and soaked
1 cup peel small prawns
1 pkt Ayam brand coconut milk, half pkt to be diluted with make 1 cup, the other half remain concentrated.
1 tbsp Assam jawa paste to be mixed  well with the earlier cup of diluted coconut milk
4 lemongrass, bruised
1 bunch of curry leaves
1 tbsp biji sawi

3 long brinjal a , cut one inch long and thick
10 stalks long beans, cut one inch long
3 green chillies and 3 red chillies, keep whole
10 pieces taufu pok

Cooling method
1.   Heat oil, sauté curry leaves, lemon grass, biji sawi till fragrant
2.   Sauté blended ingredients till slightly brown
3.    Add in curry and chilly paste, sauté till oil can be seen separated
4.    Stir in salted dish and prawns, coat them well with the aromatic curry paste
5.    Pour in diluted coconut and Assam paste, stir and mixed well
6.    Add plain water to cover the fish if insufficient, boil for 5 minutes
7.    Add in all vegetables, stir and mix well, boil for 10 minutes till veges are soft
8.    Pour in the balance of concentrated coconut milk under low flame, stir well
9.    Add chic granules, black pepper and sugar to suit family taste
10.  Sprinkle cut onion rings onto curry soup. Keep curry for at least 30 minutes before serving to form yummy taste

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Salted Fish is home-cooked dish. It is not easily available at economy rice stalls or chinese a'la carte restaurants. Well, if you like it, you have to cook it at home. You have to get the salted fish bones before you gear to the whole process of cooking. You can get them at Old Town Market or Pasar Tani.

Cooking is easy like the normal curry fish head style except the process of soaking the salted fish and cleaning it takes a longer time. Add some small prawns, brinjal, long beans and some red and green chillies.

DSC01701 copy
Just add this plate of lovely fruits and vege to combine with yummy curry salted fish. It is healthier to eat this way. Remember, your barley ice drink. My daughter complained that she only get to eat this once a year. I don't recommend this dish because it is an unhealthy food. Upon request by my family members, then I will add them to my monthly Dinner Menu. Really good with white rice.

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