Friday, October 5, 2007

Cencaru Sambal Pedas Cili Padi

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Cencaru Fish (megalaspis cordyla) is easily found at any wet markets or hypemarkets as most families loves to eat them cooked with sambal and best eaten with white rice, the Malaysian way.

Today, my cooking is super spicy with lots of chilly padi. The cooking method is plain easy with ingredients of both types of chillies, lemon grass, tumeric root, shallots, garlics, ginger and tumeric. All these blended condiments are being sauted to get the aromatic fragant. Add in some sugar, salt and water and put in the fried cencaru fish. Let is simmer for a while and allow the delicious sauce to penetrate into the fish but not too long as the fish will be too soft. Lastly, add in lots of large onion slices. Dish out and serve. Garnish with lots of fresh tomatoes and onion rings.

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Dish is ready. I normally eat this kind of fish with hand as it is nicer to tear the meat, pick up the sambal and rice and push into my mouth. Emmm... really best. With some vege, fresh tomatoes and onions, this is already good enough.

If we cannot finish them today, I will keep 1 or 2 for tomorrow and it will even be tastier. What to do, it's the Malaysian way of enjoying good food. Why worry, eat lah!

Pengelasan saintifik
Alam: Haiwanl
Filum: Kordata
Subfilum: Invertebrat
Kelas: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Famili: Carangidae
Genus: Megalaspis
Spesies: M. cordyla

Nama binomial
Megalaspis cordyla

Cencaru Fish

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