Monday, November 26, 2007

Dragon Fruit and Mango Platter

Look, simple fruits will make people 'oooh' and 'yeah' expressing happiness when any fruit lover sees the plate of fresh fruits on the table. Watch the action of everyone, observe which type of fruits your guest savour first. If your guest picks the mango, then the mango is her 1st choice. If the dragon fruits are left over, you have to do some fruits promotion like what a fruit seller did to convince me. Fruits are so nice to eat, don't say you don't eat fruits! Huancho or gong?

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Dragon fruit is a kind of fruit from several cactus species. At one time, we do not like to eat this fruit at all because it has a scary look grown on cactus plant. Now, they are in our fruit list. They are sweet and juicy with 2 types of species. The white flesh type is longinal in shape while the shorter one will gurantee a red flesh. They resembles a little like Kiwi Fruit with seeds all over. Read more here.

Which Malaysian don't like Mango? Angkat tangan (put up your hands). I think all do.

Mangoes are common everywhere worldwide. It is a kind of fruit that is sweet when riped and sourish if eaten unripe. Often eaten fresh, but the mango is also used in preserves, desserts, and as a flavoring for many foods. The skin is not edible, and can be allergic to some people.

In Malaysia most of the mangoes are imported from Thailand. Malaysia do have local mangoes and we get to enjoy these lovely fruits throughout the year at affordable price.Kerabu Mango, rojak with mango are popular among Malaysians. I have not come across any mango cooking recipe so far,

The mango image here is so tempting and I think it's not widely sold here. How I wish I have a plant (just 1 plant) at my garden just for me to watch the fruits bearing development till I can pluck and have yummy mango platter everyday. Will I get sick or lausai ah? Well, to know more about mango and facts please visit Mango Facts and Mango Fruit Database.

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