Saturday, December 29, 2007

Here Comes the Breadman

This article really brings me back to my hometown where I can see the Indians baking loaves of nice smell bread from their antique oven along Penang Road. This Chinese Man in this picture was not in my memory before as I have never seen Chinese Uncles doing such business. Would you want to buy from him if you see him around?

With his trusted partner: The freshly baked breads are taken around Kuala Langat township in his old beige coloured Morris Minor. Wong Look Ching carries the bread in rattan baskets to be sold to housewives and coffee shops.
BANTING'S Bread Man – Wong Look Ching goes around the Kuala Langat township in his 1963 Morris Minor, selling his loaves for RM1.60 each making it a wise choice for many housewives.

Bread, the staple diet for most Malaysians has seen an increase of 30-sen since last week, but Wong, 77, does not want to jump into the price hike bandwagon.

“Baking breads, buns and cakes is a first love for me. At my age, the aim is not to make money but just enjoy seeing families including their children having Chop Hup Seng's bread for breakfast,” he said.

Hot from the oven: Wong Look Ching, 77, taking out the freshly baked bread from the charcoal oven.
His bakery, which began in 1958, is housed in a terrace shop house along Jalan Morib.

Tan Lay Chen, 30, and her friend Zairah Abdul Razak, 27, said they couldn’t live without the bread.

“Wong's bread taste heavenly with his home-made kaya and pricing is nominal compared to popular brands,” said both the women.

Loved by many: Yoong Wei, 5, finds the slice of bread and home made kaya from Chop Hup Seng Bakery a real treat for breakfast.
Kuala Langat Community and Economic bureau researcher Dr N. Pathmanabhan said consumers are now choosing to support their local traditional bakeries thus empowering the local businesses to offer reasonable prices.

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