Monday, March 2, 2009

Kansai Japanese Restaurant, NZX, Ara Jaya, PJ

Kansai is now in Ara Jaya, Petaling Jaya. So, if you are hungry for Japanese food, just patronize the now quiet NZX Commercial Centre.

Unagi Bento at RM32.50. Price is slightly higher than most similar class restaurant. Taste can be accepted.


Salmon Bento at RM29.99. Salmon portion quite big and taste acceptable.


Chicken Curry Katsu at RM19.50, fried chicken chop with tasty Japanese curry gravy.


Tenzaru Cha Soba at RM20.99 serve with Tempura Prawns and Vege.


I am not telling stories today and my food photos are smaller now. Save and cut cost as downloading and viewing time will definitely be shorter.

Just go and dine at Kansai. They are offering 10% off Menu Price. I hope my readers will patronize this Japanese Restaurant. The ambience is quite cosy with lively concepts. You may be awared that most Japanese Restaurants do not sustain. Your support can definitely make their business better. Otherwise, 'now you see it, tomorrow you don't".

KG-08 Block STK, No 2, jalan PJU1A/41B
Pusat Dagangan NZX, Ara Jaya, 47301 PJ
Tel : 7883 0138


  1. Food seems to be very tasty. I never got a chance to taste Japnese food.Good that I can find something else apart from snacks and worms :-)

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  5. The owner of Kansai owned a restaurant in Klang as well, named as Osaka.. I love the sushi there! Haven't try of the sushi in Kansai.. I am not sure if the prices are the same since different location.. Anyhow, it's real worth! ^^

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  7. i think kansai restaurant should be more clean and hygiene because i saw a cockroach on the table when i dine in and also staff whose handle and preparing sushi should wearing a mask and gloves


  9. Dear Food Eaters,

    For Fresh food, always follow the crowd. Never go to a eatery rsstaurant even though the price is cheap and tasty. A lot of chemicals and coloring can be added to make the taste and look good. Next time, be smart, follow the crowd even though the price is slightly dearer.

    Myself had 2 experienced before, so please, please do not follow my silly mistakes. That is my advice.

  10. NZX is a very deserted and quiet place. Hardly can see more than 10 customers in this japanese restaurant when I went there for my dinner with my friends last week end.

    Price is ok, but we felt that the food taste was a bit weird. Wonder what extra food flavours the restaurant had added. Nowadays, many food chemicals and colourings are very bad for health when consumed

    Two of us ( 4 of us went )came back with stomach grumbling. Wonder the food is fresh, fresh, fresh? Dare not to recommend friends to go there to dine anymore.

    I think the health ministry should send their health inspectors to check the food before something crucial happens especially the restaurant is serving salmon fish which is raw.If salmon fish is not well store, ecoli bacteria will be found.

  11. I agreed with the comments dated November 16th.The restaurant is always deserted and morover since opening until now there is always a 10% discount. Still wondering how they can serve fresh sushi?

  12. I think the health ministry department should sent their health inspectors to give them a surprise visit - check cleaniness of the kitchen, how they keep their food - any speciasl cold freezer to keep salmon or fresh, how long the unsold food has been kept.

    Yes, agreed with some anonymous commented earlier, that this restaurant is mostl deserted. Wonder the boss can maintain the rental or overheads and also how "fresh" is their food?

  13. Look like the boss of Kansai is more interested in the car park area and busy with his h/p, rather than serving or having good p r with the customers. Cant he asked one of his workers to replace him. That job is "JAGA KERETA KERJA" He really looks like he is not interested in his business at all or how to improve the quality and service, but like the job outside.

    Can anyone tell me, WHY?

  14. I can tell you WHY? my friend. To guard outside is more important. Waiting for customers to come so that they can a nice parking space infront of the rsetaurant when they come to dine. Besides the front view facing the main road, it has another 3 parking space at the sides. He reserves himself by putting "Cones" on the parking space.

    This boss is very INCONSIDERATE. Knowing exactly hardly he has so many customers at a go, which the main road car park space can house about 6 cars is more than enough for him, yet he wanted to reserve the 3 carpark space at the side. Now think of the restaurants beside you, opposite and surrounding areas, their customers do need customers.


  15. Hello All,
    Seems like this Restaurant is struggling to survive with so many not-so-good comments. I only went there once, only once when I posted this food experiences. I urged Food Lovers to go to keep our neighbourhood restaurant's kitchen fire burning.

    However, if it makes us sick cos the food is not properly attended to (especially Jap Rest), no support should be given. Kansai Boss, take note.

    Sounds like the Boss is a weird person abt the parking story. Tks for reading my blog.

  16. On behalf of NZX tenants or owners of the shops, we strongly believed that this KANSAI BOSS is very INCONSIDERATE and RUDE. Two or three years ago,we heard from people around that area, the boss had an heated argument with someone who wants to park near his shop but he chased him away. Next few days his front part of the shop was welcome with red paint. Everyone in NZX knew about it. Today he had installed CCTV cameras not raelly for customers security but at the same time for himself and his shops.Why create enemies when you can have friends. Put on a SMILING FACE and not a DARK SOUR FACE.

    Wondering when can he change his bad and selfish habit. At least remove the cones for the parking area on the sides of his shop which he reserves for his customers. Does he really has so many cusomers per time per day. In this case, his neighbour would be more happy. Their customers also need car park.

    Honestly speaking, I would not dare to eat there anymore cos I had a very bad stomach ache before.Still believe the raw fish and meat is not so fresh.Have kept them exceeding the freshness period.

  17. As the saying said, "Once bitten, twice shy" or " Having seen ghost,still not afraid of darkness"
    Actual fact I love Japanese food very much but strongly not recommending this restaurant.

    Previous comments were right.For food lovers, follow where the crowd goes. It will never be wrong for at least the food is more fresh.

    Strongly recommend "SHOGUN" Japanese restaurant outlets. Look at the crowd and turnover of the customers. No doubt is more expensive, at least the food is nice and safe to consume. Reminder, -Freshness of raw fish and other ingredients is very important.

  18. All I could said is if you wish to have fresh japanese sushi, visit the restaurants that have a big turnover. In that case, you are sure that the freshness of the food is always kept, no unsold food for weeks, but daily replenish.

    As for the freshness and quality of the food in NZX, I strongly doubt they can provide.

    Strongly not a good place to recommend for Japanese food.

    1. Typical ppl judge the book by it's cover .would not dare to take challenge, only a loyal follower........

  19. The quality and service there is not so good. The big boss is more interested to service his upstair customers.Why? Go there and you will know why.
    Many times he disappears himself during peak hours and leave it to his younger brother to take care.Pity the younger brother. He has to take charge of the kitchen and also to serve the customers.So, how do you expect a good quality food and good service to customers when the BIG BOSS is not around.

  20. I am a japanese food lover. I have visited both brothers restaurant - one in Klang - Osaka and the other Kansai in NZX.
    All I can said is that I will rate 8 out 10 for Klang branch and 3 out of 10 for NZX branch.
    Kansai really does not deserve to be recommended cos the boss mental attitude.

  21. callie, the comments by anonymous had personal grudges against the boss he's is a 60+ old man "michael" staying nearby condo while another aunty that vandalised also stay opp apt.we would appreciate if u cld delete those negative comments or contact the in-charge. tq

  22. Why in the first place there are so many cars although less shop were occuppied& I think these nearby residents are taking advantages & opportunity on the free parking spaces without consider tenants genuine customers. Please take a minute to think if I were to leave my car in front of your house how would you feel........

  23. those comments in the month of December 2011 seem very well verse in kansai boss activities,rather than on the food, one even knew what upstair hv to offer maybe he couldn't get hold one of it-so u create havocs remember God always watching.......Callie your's a food column unrelated pls verified or remove it


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